The most flexible travel planner

Trip.Center is a free personal travel organizer that helps you create and manage your plans and travel with confidence

Plan your next trip

Create an itinerary

A weekend getaway or a two-week journey - easily plan a trip of any complexity. You can start from fixed dates or add them later.

Store documents

All your booking confirmations, boarding passes, tickets and other files in one place, easily accessible whenever you need them.

Record your trip ideas

Those great thoughts you have about your upcoming trip - don’t let them get lost or forgotten! Store them in Trip.Center instead.

Control transportation

Keep detailed information about your flights, trains, busses, and other means of transport; book flights easier with pre-filled data.

Manage your hotels

Trip.Center allows you to store all information about your lodging in an organized manner and make bookings more conveniently.

Organize rentals

Keep track of your car, boat, bike, gear rentals in order by recording details about drop-off, pick-up, and all other rental conditions.

See the big picture

View your trip data on a linear timeline, as a route on a map, or on a calendar grid to retain a “bird’s eye view” of the entire trip.

Keep track of costs

Trip.Center allows you to record expenses for each trip entry and calculates the total amount you’re likely to spend on the trip.

Print out the itinerary

Automatically generate a printer- friendly version of your entire trip’s itinerary and take it with you to stay in control during the journey.

Why should I choose Trip.Center?

We do a lot of travel planning ourselves, and we know how daunting it can become. This is why we’ve set out on a mission to support any planning style and allow you to choose where you want to begin your planning process.

How do you know what’s best for travelers?

We value our users and listen to your feedback; this allows us to constantly improve by adding new awesome features (check out some of them below). Oh, yes - and we travel a lot ourselves, using Trip.Center of course.

Where do I begin planning my trip?

Some people prefer to start planning with known dates, others - with a defined destination, and some - by simply sketching trip ideas in a notepad. accommodates any of the above planning styles.

How hard is it to manage a trip plan with

We strive to make it as easy as possible. It depends very much on the complexity of your trip though - spending some time to plan and organize your trip will pay later, allowing you to see the big picture and stay in control.

Do I need to sign up to start planning?

It’s not mandatory to create an account straight away - just click on the link below. However, signing up will allow you to retrieve your trip data next time you come back.

Will I get trip recommendations or suggestions?

Not really. Trip.Center is not a travel guide, it’s a free tool for organizing your travel plans. However, check out our travel blog for your next trip inspirations and advice.

Coming soon:

Here’s just some of the awesome new stuff we’ll be adding to Trip.Center in the second half of 2016

Mobile apps with offline mode

You will soon be able to carry Trip.Center on your journey, in your pocket - Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps are on their way and will soon be available to download for free on the official app markets.

Advanced budgeting options

We are working to deliver advanced features such as splitting the budget among trip participants and managing your trip expenses in relation to the planned budget. You can help by voting for features you’d like to use.