The trip planner for explorers
Plan your next trip
The trip planner for adventurers
Plan your next trip
The trip planner for enjoyers
Plan your next trip

I have a trip idea, but nothing specific yet..

Whether you want to start from a simple “I need a vacation!”-mantra, or that dream-voyage idea you’ve been thinking through for the last three years - accommodates your planning style. Use it as a collection of sticky notes or create a detailed day-by-day plan, start with or without fixed dates - it’s totally up to you.

Where did I put my tickets?!

With, all your travel documents are always in one place. Keep your boarding passes, reservations, booking confirmations, festival tickets, restaurant checks and other paperwork safely stored and easily accessible exactly when you need it.

Let’s discuss this part of the trip..

Invite your co-travellers to participate in the planning process - build your itinerary together, discuss any single trip item using the comments system, record everyone’s expenses on the go and automatically split the bill after the trip. Group travel planning has never been more easy!

Who paid for that? Who owes whom?!

Draw up your trip budget and compare it against the reality; snap and categorize photos of ongoing shared bills during the trip to record the expenses later; remove the payback anxiety by automatically calculating who owes whom and how much - makes the process of managing your travel budget seamless and logical.

I don’t want to take my laptop with me

Take with you wherever you go - our mobile apps for Android and iOS will ensure that you stay fully synched and in control of your journey at all times. Check your itinerary, store all tickets and boarding passes in your smartphone, receive flight alerts, snap images of checks to record expenses - or even adjust your travel plans as you go.